What’s the Story to Your Freedom? – MENA Call

Project Description

For our cross-cultural photography project we are in search of visual stories by young (semi) professional photographers from the Arab world and The Netherlands. What does ‘freedom’ mean to modern-day youngsters and are their visions realistically met by the mainstream media? Does freedom merely narrate about the right to express your opinion, sexual preferences and religious discourses; or does it capture so much more?
The Freedom of Stories is in search of young, (semi-)professional photographers that dare to capture paradoxical and provocative images on their present-day experiences on freedom. Which frictions, restrictions and possibilities do you capture for freedom? 

In the present-day Netherlands, many media broadcasts sadly cover one sided or negative images on the intercultural society, risking to widen the gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’. But, is the distance between various groups actually that distant and how free are we to offer counter messages to such discourses? With a lesser extent to express the freedom of speech in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a majority of the (critical) media messages are being censured. Which consequences does this have for the freedom of young adults in the MENA region and is actual change possible?
The Freedom Of Stories aims to stimulate multidimensional dialogues about modern-day narratives on freedom among young adults in The Netherlands and MENA region. Through this project we aim to build a visual and narrative bridge between youngsters from ‘here’ and ‘there’ by offering a platform to cross stories through (visual) borders. Which differences and similarities do these youngsters have and what can we learn from each other? 

The Freedom of Stories is in search of five (semi-)professional photographers, in all colours and sizes in the age category between +/- 18-35 years old. Do you have a passion for photography and do you dare to capture your distinct visions on freedom? Then, we are looking for you!

When, where and how?
During the photography project we will separately organize gatherings in Amsterdam and concerning MENA countries. These entail an individual meeting to interview the photographer, online photo selection and various expositions throughout The Netherlands and collaborating countries. Specific locations and details will follow throughout the project. During the expositions Q&A’s will be held and all photographers will have the opportunity to sell their work. The Freedom of Stories aims to broadcast all the personal and professional stories in a(n) (online) photobook that will initially be published in Dutch. Through this, we aim to let your stories cross many geographic, digital and mental borders.

How do I sign up?
Select three of your strongest portfolio pictures and send these together with your personal details and motivation letter to info@kasbahneuf.nl (project coordinator Netherlands).

In the letter you are expected to describe why you should become a participant and propose a photography theme that will come through in your photography series [max. 1 page]. 

There are no participation fees required, yet we do expect a high amount of motivation and creativity to bring the project to an accelerating success!

[NOTE: This call is intended for MENA participants only, the call for participants residing in the Netherlands will be broadcasted soon.]